Fred Garbo, Shawn Kane

Fred Garbo, Shawn Kane

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We’re eager to work with you! Fill out this form to give us a little information and we’ll start a solar-energy savings calculation. We’d be happy to visit your home or business for a free site evaluation.

If you’re considering a grid-independent system, use this Watt-hours Per Day calculator for a detailed look at what it will take to power your camp or remote cabin:

Other questions? We take a comprehensive approach. Consult with us about green building and energy efficiency measures, heat pumps, and electric vehicles. These technologies compliment solar power, compound savings, and help better our health by kicking fossil fuels!

So we can figure out your solar generation potential—
Most accurate: Annual Kilowatt Hours (kWh) — see your electric bill Less accurate: Annual Cost — we will divide by the average Maine rate to estimate kWh
Please see the Watt-hours Per Day calculator above.